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     These ridiculously cute pigs know about all of us and are happy to share their advice and talk about where we are headed as a species. 

After catching a glimpse of the Swimming Pigs on TV, I was instantly and insanely in love and knew I had to meet them.  While planning my visit to Pig Beach, Bahamas, I thought I'd get to know some of them telepathically. 

No two people agree about how the pigs got to this remote, uninhabited (by humans anyway) island in the Bahamas

 or how long they've been there. I thought I'd see if they knew. They did. 

 About their history, the pigs were like blah blah, yawn, and not that interested in telling it, though they did answer my questions. The pigs wanted to talk about us! They think we are the bees knees and love it when we visit! 

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