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About Me

How did you become an animal communicator?

I didn't even know animal communication was a thing until I was in my forties. That's when a book about animal communication found me. As a lifelong fiercely animal loving person, I could hardly believe what I was reading! How had I not known this all this time? Now, I wonder why we ever thought we couldn't hear them. After reading the book, The Language of Animals, by Carol Gurney, and practicing, I was able to make some connections, albeit some wildly misinterpreted ones, and knew I had to find out more. Fast forward a few years, formal study and oodles of practice, and I'm pleased to report that I am a certified Soul Level Animal Communicator. I love knowing that you don't have to be born knowing you have this super power. You can learn and develop it like I did. 


 (Of course, I get a bit of a thank you bonus if you sign up and you'll be thrilled you did.)

   Why do you communicate with animals? 

  Now that I know it's possible, I can't not give animals a
  voice, but my main reason has to do with animals in spirit. Over
  the course of my life, I have had such suffocating and debilitating
  grief when I've lost animals. There was nothing I could do to relieve the    pain. If I had known where they go and how they feel about it,it might      have been easier. I love being able to do that for my clients. Sometimes    they can relieve some of their guilt and grief by hearing directly from 
  their animals, who are always so full of love and nothing else. I love  
  helping people begin their healing path. 

 How do you do it?
  Animal communication is a method of connecting mind to mind           (telepathy) with an animal. It's a way of using energy and intuition to     talk to an animal. Even if the language is different, the animal gives the  
information so I understand. If I spoke only Italian, for example, it   would still be easy to talk to a shark in Norway. Telepathy is a universal 
language. The animal can be alive or in spirit and, if alive, anywhere in   
the world.   

 What's an interesting animal you've communicated with? 

Most all have interesting things to say, but I did talk a wasp out of the   basement once by showing him what it would look like from his   perspective to fly to the back door. I was touched by his fear of being   trapped and then by his gratitude as he flew away from the open door. I   also had a nice chat with a seagull in spirit. 

 Can you talk to my childhood pet? 
Yes. Just be sure to choose one you remember very well so that he   reading makes sense. Otherwise, some of the things she says may not     be as meaningful for you.    

                                                  This is awesome! How can my animal 
                                                and I work with you?
                                                   Simply fill out the contact page and                                                       I'll send you an email with some 
                                                   available times. You pick one, send
                                                   your Venmo or PayPal information
                                                   and phone number. (Outside the US,
                                                   we'll use zoom.) I'll send you a 
                                                   confirmation and invoice. Pay before 
                                                   your session and I'll call you at 
                                                   appointment time. It doesn't matter
                                                   where you are in the world. We can
                                                   connect with your animal and I can't
                                                   wait to meet you both!  



Soul Level      Animal Communicator 
designation from the Danielle MacKinnon School

Proud Member: 



Looking forward to meeting you and your animal friends!


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