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My Story

     I first became aware of how important animal communication is to people, while seated at a large dinner party. The guest to my right quietly asked how things were going with my animal communication work. I told her about some of the animals I had recently connected with, a parrot who couldn't believe his family's neighbors did not appreciate his "beautiful singing voice," and a pair of Bassett Hounds who suddenly stopped getting along. As we talked, I noticed a growing quiet in the room. More and more people were listening. Pretty soon, everyone was looking at me and wanted more stories. 














     Unlike some animal communicators, I don't recall childhood memories of animal communication. It was several decades into my life before I found a book about it, and an amazing world began to reveal itself. We all have this marvelous potential, and I learned to access mine through study with some wonderful mentors and oodles of practice. 


     My background is in nursing, which has led me to care for people at some of the most intimate times in their lives, including end of life.  The visions they share and conversations they have (including with my own deceased relatives), helped me realize that there is much more to this world than our five senses can detect. 


     One example was Fredda, a woman in her early seventies, dying of cancer. She had been unresponsive for several visits, but her family said that once in a while, she would perfectly describe aloud, someone she never met while he was alive, or say how cute someone else was when she was little, though the person had been much older than Fredda. I always talked to Fredda of course. I knew she could still hear everything around her.  


     I sat down near her bed, leaned close and said, “Hi Fredda.”

     “Louise,” she said faintly. She turned her head in my direction but looked past me and whispered, “a lot of people love you.”  She paused, then digging deep for the energy, said, “every time you come in here, there are these two beautiful orbs near your head.” Then, she went back to sleep.  


     I placed my hands on her frail, cool arm to send her Reiki. After about thirty seconds, she inhaled deeply, sighed and breathed, “thank you for that” and was quiet again.  


     I decided to pursue a Soul Level animal communicator certification after becoming acquainted with the Swimming Pigs in the Bahamas. These are pigs that live on a tiny island, all by themselves. No one agrees about how they got there or how long it’s been. I knew as an animal communicator, I could ask them.  

     These precious pigs told what they knew about their history, but they were much more interested in talking about people. They love us! Their messages to humanity were heartfelt and, to me, reassuring. They know much more about the universe than people do, and are so happy to share. 

     Now, armed with more information and practice, I know I need to continue to communicate with animals of all kinds. They are here to help us grow and evolve and it makes my heart sing to help give a voice to as many as possible. 

Soul Level      Animal Communicator 
designation from the Danielle MacKinnon School

Proud Member: 



Looking forward to meeting you and your animal friends!


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