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"so full of humor and deep insight"

"Louise provided that connection, that powerful link." 

 - Josh, Colorado, USA

 After losing my little girl Ginger I felt extremely lost. After reaching out to Louise I realized there was in fact more to come between my little girl and I. Through Louise I have been able to come to an understanding of what that meant. The power of what has been gleaned is nearly unspeakable.


I spent 13 wonderful years with my beloved. I know she will be with me for the rest. I find it bittersweet to say that I have come to learn more from my girl after her transition than I was able to while she was in form. I have learned more about my path in life and through her loss and her love I have found the power to live it. It is without a doubt in my mind that Louise provided that connection, that powerful link. I will be forever grateful for her skill. 

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Ginger saved me when I was young and she continues to now. She is my guide in this life. Teaching me to live through the heart and to listen to it. "Heart of Hearts" as Ginger put it during one of our sessions


I know I will continue to speak with Ginger through Louise. In many ways Louise has given Ginger a voice. My little teacher, my little love, my big rig. Thank you Louise for giving me the opportunity to live in her honor. 


My session with Louise to connect with my two beloved dogs who’ve crossed over, Oliver and Linus, was so full of humor and deep insight. Louise approaches her readings with a sense of joy and levity that makes the session truly enjoyable, while sharing many detailed and profound insights from my animals. Thank you, Louise!


"Louise's way of communicating is very clear and makes you feel at ease." 

- Evelina,Sweden

"I contacted Louise when we abruptly lost our Svante, to get some answers and help with the grief.

Louise's description of both Svante and his passing were accurate and painted the picture of him just like we knew him here on earth. The reading helped me clarify some feelings and thoughts about our connection that I had felt since the day we brought him home, and that confirmation is something I carry with me everyday since - knowing that he's never far away.

Louise's way of communicating is very clear and makes you feel at ease - so for someone trying animal communication for the first time, like me, it made it feel very comfortable and safe.

It was a comforting experience and I truly won't hesitate contacting Louise again in the future - either to check in with Svante or for communicating with new pets that he sends our way."

"Our call really helped me find more peace..."

 - Jenni, United States

Our call really helped me find more peace before Marilyn passed on February 5. I never would have known about her fondness for Cheez-its if not for our talk, and she ended up eating those up with great gusto until some of her last moments. It meant a lot to know that she loved her time camping and being outdoors as much as I did. I still really feel the connection to her, which I know was another theme that emerged when you were communicating with her. 

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I really appreciate the reading on my dog, Enya, who recently passed away. It was spot on and Louise described her just the way I knew her and also told me the lesson Enya was here to teach me. I was in tears with a good, relieved feeling. Her communication with animals is really good! I can really recommend a reading. 

I've been a bit impatient and frustrated with my puppy, Lycke. But after talking with Louise, I got a better understanding of what's going on in Lycke's head and how I should respond to her. I now know why Lycke is in my life and what she is here to teach me. The reading helped me to get a better understanding and answers to questions I had for Lycke. 

-Ragnhild, Norway

"I was in tears with a good, relieved feeling."


My little girl Bella was everything to me. When I lost her I was grief stricken. I didn't know where to turn. I decided to find an animal communicator and found Louise and was happy I did. I loved the reading. It helped me through the day just knowing that Bella was not far from me. One of the things in the reading that Bella mentioned was white rocks (pebbles). I couldn't believe it because I have been planning a garden memorial for her and it included a small patch of white rocks to rest her stone on. I previously made a diagram of the garden and wrote "white rocks." Bella, I am going to finish your memorial soon with the white rocks. Thank you Louise! 


"Thank you Louise!"

-Meena, USA

"I was so blown away..."

Bella (my cat) and I can both recommend having a talk with Louise because of her ability to get the accurate information that you and your animal need. The information shared via Louise can make a big difference in your relationship with your animal. Thank you Louise! 

-Anne, Norway

Dear Louise,

Thank you for the special reading you gave me about my dear girl Daisy Mae. (Crossed over 7/26/2020) That phone call has stayed with me every moment of every day. I was so blown away when you mentioned her blue and white ball filled with treats. I knew she had liked it but didn't know how much until then. I also enjoyed the part about her riding up high in the back seat of the car so she could see the world as we traveled. You gave me a beautiful gift that I will keep close to my heart forever and ever. I'm so grateful for people who can communicate with animals. The animals all need someone on their side. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Bridget Crowley-Brown


I am so grateful to Louise for helping us find our cat, Austin. She told us that he was sitting by someone's wood stove, enjoying the heat. After a couple of days, she checked back in with him to tell him that we missed him very much.  In true Austin fashion, he said, "oh yes. I guess they would." He was home by the end of that  day, smelling of wood smoke. Thank you very much Louise! 

"...a big difference in your relationship with your animal." 

"..grateful for helping us find our cat..."

-Jessica, NH, USA

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