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Want to Know What a Pig Can Tell You About Life?

From What the Swimming Pigs Know: About History and Humanity by Louise MacQueen

Pigs everywhere are smart. On a superficial level, they can be trained more easily than dogs and can work puzzles and figure out anything they fix their minds on. If you doubt this, try to secure something a pig desires. Since most people don’t get to spend time with these marvelous beings, they aren’t aware of it. Good thing pigs don’t care about that and just plow forward. (Literally plow...have you ever seen one root? They only go forward.) On a deeper level, their heartfelt mes- sages show us how tuned in they are. They are about looking ahead, moving forward and encouraging us to do the same. Pigs have survived on Pig Beach and elsewhere, because they are built to thrive. Physically, but also in mind and spirit. They are resourceful, tenacious and know how to survive. This is why some of their messages are about disregarding those things which do not serve us and looking at the big picture. They don’t care about details if there is a goal ahead.

As a totem animal or spirit guide, pigs are about abundance, good luck and quiet confidence. It is no coincidence that pink is a common color for pigs and is the color of unconditional love. Many of the messages the pigs gave were about exactly that, love. Other pigs are black and white, like yin and yang, symbolizing peace and balance. Most of the pigs wanted us to know that both of those are important for a good life and important for the world. In Animal Spirit Guides, by Stephen Farmer, pig (boar) is also symbolic of personal growth and justice. Call on boar when you are feeling a lack of confidence or self-worth. Pigs are experts on confidence and are not afraid to use their voices to speak up for themselves, loudly if necessary.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, those born under the sign of pig or boar are the world’s humanitarians. This is no surprise based on their words of love and encouragement for humans. Pigs sincerely want the world to be a better place for every one of every species. Above all, the swimming pigs have made it clear that we are loved, we’re on the right track and everything really is okay.

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