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What Actually Is Animal Communication?

Human to human telepathy was given a name in the 1880s. It is a means of communication without speaking or using our best known senses of sight, touch and hearing to interpret the message. We have other senses that we use less often, like intuition. Anyone can tune in to the common language of the universe with a bit of practice and trust. In this language, it makes no difference if you speak Italian or Spanish and wish to communicate with a shark in Norway. The language is universal, and the information comes in pictures, words (in the

language you understand) and feelings.

Did your phone ever ring and you knew exactly who it was without looking and without a special ringtone? Many people have experienced thinking of an old friend they lost contact with, only to receive a Facebook message from him at that moment. These are not coincidences and the more it happens to you, the more you may notice how you feel slightly different in these moments. These are both examples of telepathy. It is possible to use telepathic communication with animals

and is the method they use to communicate with each other.

Animals are great at getting you the information they want you to have, in a way you will best understand it. In my experience, a domestic animal who is trying to describe his home to me will show me one that I already know with the same layout and then tweak the details as needed.

Even though most people don't know about it, there are professional animal communicators all over the world. Animals are thrilled with this and if you begin to practice animal communication, you will often notice them trying to get your attention. I once worked on a farm and one day a rooster was facing me and hopping around inside his pen as I walked by. The sheep were gone from their barn and he wanted to know where they went. On another day, while not actively doing communications but visiting a rescue, I plainly heard a horse I was near say take me home.

Animal communication is amazing work and can help lost animals, those who are misunderstood, and it can be plain cool, but it can also be emotionally difficult. It requires active plans to keep oneself balanced. If you can do that, the rewards are enormous and the animals really appreciate it.

If you could ask an animal a question, what would it be? (They already know how much we love them.)

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